10. I get ‘Error establishing database connection’ on my blog?

As the error says, this means there is difficulty trying to connect to the Wordpress blog database. This could be due to various reasons.

i. If you are seeing it for the first time or after a migration, it could be due to incorrect credentials supplied in wp-config.php.

ii. If you are using your blog normally and see this message all of a sudden, it could be due to MySQL restriction on the number of concurrent connections / users being reached.

iii.It could also be that your Wordpress database might be corrupted or crashed due to malware attack. We will repair your crashed / corrupted tables.

iv. There could be an issue with the MySQL server / service and might need a restart to fix it.

Either case, you should be having a recent backup and will need to contact us with a copy of your backup to have this resolved.

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