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You are in a section where you can start building your online identity immediately. We will help you in doing it, but before that please read below for your requirements.

  • You are not having a domain name, but looking for it. Click on Buy Domain below to buy it
  • You are having a domain name and need to buy hosting only. Click on Buy Hosting below to buy it.
  • Speciality of this section for students is the coupans facility, which we usually send to students on their mail for hosting plans promotions. Here you can buy domain or hosting immediately. But if you want to wait for the promotion, than you will have to wait for it. Register yourself for it by sending us a mail on our email id : We will add you in your student lists for the promotions.

    If you are having a domain and hosting also, but not having a website format for your portfolio or any requirement. Than you can visit our template store for the website templates. Currently we are giving 10% off on all templates. Still if you want to take our help in any thing, please let us know,. We are available on live chat, phone support and email support. To visit our template store click the link below.

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    Domain Price list

    Domain 1 Year Renew Transfer Anti Theft Dns Management
    .asia Rs.1253.00 Rs.1253.00 Rs.1253.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
    .top Rs.120.00 Rs.650.00 Rs.654.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
    .date Rs.173.00 Rs.330.00 Rs.2005.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
    .party Rs.168.00 Rs.330.00 Rs.1924.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.120.00 Rs.528.00 Rs.528.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
    .biz Rs.1299.00 Rs.1299.00 Rs.1299.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00
    .us Rs.718.00 Rs.718.00 Rs.718.00 Rs.0.00 Rs.0.00

    Linux Shared Hosting Plans

    Starting At
    Shared Basic
    • 300 MB Space
    • 5 GB Bandwidth
    • 5 Emails
    • DDoS Protection
    • Full Root Access
    • 1 Sub Domain
    • 1 Cpanel
    • 1 Ftp Accounts
    • 24/7/365 Tech Support
    • Weekly Backups
    Starting At
    Shared Standard
    • 1200 MB Space
    • 60 GB Bandwidth
    • 20 Emails
    • DDoS Protection
    • Full Root Access
    • 3 Sub Domain
    • 3 Cpanel
    • 3 Ftp Accounts
    • 24/7/365 Tech Support
    • Weekly Backups
    Starting At
    Shared Premium
    • 2500 MB Space
    • 100 GB Bandwidth
    • 70 Emails
    • DDoS Protection
    • Full Root Access
    • 12 Sub Domain
    • 12 Cpanel
    • 12 Ftp Accounts
    • 24/7/365 Tech Support
    • Weekly Backups

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When starting a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing a domain name. That choice will impact the website’s success in nearly every area, including search engine optimization and social media marketing. From buying to selling domains, we are here for you! Our domain services provide individual support for all your needs. As you’ve always dreamt off to kick start your online business, we make it our responsibility to support you until you have a registered website of your own! We help and assist you in domain transfer and privacy. We believe wholeheartedly that building brands isn’t about one company providing a service for another but rather growing like a friendship over the years. We’re here interested in creating our long term bonding. Your brand which you promote through your website is important and your domain name is the foundation upon which your online brand will be built. Your domain name is how users will find, remember, share and identify your company online. In both social media and search engines, the domain name is the primary way by which users can identify where the link will lead. Choosing a domain name can be hard. In many cases the most obvious branded domain names are already registered and would be expensive to purchase. We help you to easily set up online session with our team to develop a few ideas. Buying a domain name for your website has never been this easier! We offer easy affordable prices that makes our service all the more in demand! We provide systematic and honest guidance while we make you tour through the list of formalities for buying a domain. We boast about our transparency and fair conditions for delivering our best possible domain booking service to our customers. With our unique expertise and global contacts, we make sure the customers avail domain names at comfortable rates with continuous assistance.`

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    Now you have to buy hosting plan for your website. We are one of the cheapest and best hosting provider. Go to our hosting section for different hosting plans.

    For business and for individual purchasing domain is same. Only difference in both of them is hosting plan and add on service. Visit our Domain section for the best domain prices and then search for your desired domain extension. After choosing the extension for your name proceed for order. If you still feel to take help, we are available 24x7 on support ticket!

    One of the most popular extention for business is .com extention. It means commercial. But you can choose another extensions also according to your business need. Need help we are available 24x7 on support ticket!